Delta Meditation Music Binaural Beats + Isochronic Tones

by Osprey Music



Chang and Lo found different results, explicable perhaps by the fact they show no sign of even having tested for gamma.[43] First they classify five patterns in meditation based on the normal four frequency ranges (delta < 4 Hz, theta 4 to <8 Hz, alpha 8 to 13 Hz, and beta >13 Hz). The five patterns they found were:

1) high-amplitude alpha
2) slow alpha + theta
3) theta + delta
4) delta
5) amplitude suppressed ("silent and almost flat")
They found pattern No. 5 unique and characterized by:

1) extremely low power (significant suppression of EEG amplitude)
2) corresponding temporal patterns with no particular EEG rhythm
3) no dominating peak in the spectral distribution
They had collected EEG patterns from more than 50 meditators over the prior five years. Five meditation EEG scenarios are then described. They further state that most meditation is dominated by alpha waves. They found delta and theta waves occurred occasionally, sometimes while people fell asleep and sometimes not. In particular they found the amplitude suppressed pattern correlated with "the feeling of blessings."


released September 18, 2013



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